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Well, hello there...

My name is Teri Peterson, the Founder of Like A Daughter-Reno. We are a care concierge service for older adults who needs assistance navigating a functional lifestyle.

My passion was awakened over 10 years ago after I was hired to assist an elderly woman who was partially blind. I literally became her second set eyes, her chauffer, her personal shopper, her decorator and importantly – her friend. After my friend passed, my passion was further galvanized when my mom, in her final years, needed me. I have since used these two experiences as a business model, creating standards in how we engage and connect with our clients.

All our services are performed efficiently while preserving dignity and promoting as much independence as possible. We strive to demonstrate competent professionalism alongside empathy, solidarity, and dedication. The proactive partnerships also create tremendous value for extended families. The goal is to provide our clients with the security that their loved ones' needs are met by someone willing to ‘go the extra mile’.

All of our team members are:

  • Fingerprinted
  • Verified via background check
  • Insured


We assist in such areas as transportation, phone calls, maintaining calendars, personal shopping, simple household maintenance/chores and shared social activities. We also attend doctor appointments (bridging doctor-patient communication), and schedule house ‘check-ins’.

The Extra Mile

Every client has unique needs and personal preferences which can change over time. We adapt our ‘help care’ plan accordingly, putting our heart and soul into the needs of our clients with kindness. We are here to provide extraordinary care and to ensure tasks, no matter the size, are taken care of.


Companionship is something all our clients need, some more than others. Inevitably, most of our clients become our friends! Our passion for what we do and the compassion we have for every client is undeniable when we are together.